The Ultimate Acrylic Painting Course

This course has it all! From Your First Brushstroke to Your Ultimate Masterpiece! One course - all aspects of acrylic.

The Ultimate Acrylic Painting Course
The Ultimate Acrylic Painting Course

The Ultimate Acrylic Painting Course udemy course free download

This course has it all! From Your First Brushstroke to Your Ultimate Masterpiece! One course - all aspects of acrylic.

What you'll learn:

  • Complete beginner level landscape paintings
  • Understand more about Colour & Mixing Colour
  • Various ways to use acrylics for painting
  • Gain knowledge on the basic equipment needed for Acrylic Painting
  • Master different brush techniques to create different effects on canvas
  • How to paint various subjects from realistic to expressive.
  • How to create depth and aerial perspective in your painting


  • This course is suitable for beginners who are wanting to learn to paint even if you have never picked up a brush before
  • A desire to learn how to paint
  • You will need to purchase some basic painting supplies


I Love Acrylic Paint! And so will your canvas, your brushes and all those brilliant pictures in your head.

Turn mere drips and blobs into the visions on canvas you’ve been wanting to create. From your very first brushstroke to your ultimate masterpiece – this course has it all!

Easily master acrylic painting with the right skills. How? By getting the right information. I’m Nancy Reyner, one of the nation’s foremost acrylic experts, and international best-selling author of acrylic painting books. Hopefully I’m not sounding like an egotist here, but this is important stuff! Your time and money is valuable so I want you to know this course is worth it!

I’m a professional artist, and I love to teach as much as I love to paint. Also, I care. At least that’s what I’ve been told by the thousands of artists I’ve taught over the past 30 years. Unlike most professional painters, I am more than willing to share my hard-earned lessons with other artists – in full glorious easy to understand instruction along with DETAILS! – and lots of them. (Don’t like details? No problem, just fast forward past all the advice on what to buy to save money, which products and paint colors will get you everywhere, and other cool tips I share, and instead head to the juicy painting demonstrations).

With this course you get TONS OF GREAT STUFF. The Ultimate Acrylic Painting Course includes 30 videos, over 11 hours of video instruction and 4 fully illustrated pdf books, (those best sellers I just mentioned) with hundreds of fun and exciting acrylic painting ideas and techniques. Also included are special tips (can I say Secret Tips?) on how to create successful paintings. Achieve a wide range of painting techniques in both Classic and Contemporary styles. Gain confidence to create any painting effect, style and image you desire!

Warning: Course side effects may include creative joy and a painting addiction!

This course has a special feature. It never gets old! Once you finish the course it doubles as a professional reference guide. In the middle of that brush stroke, you may wonder “what were those steps she did?” No problem. Quickly access any acrylic technique whenever needed using the course’s handy contents guide.

Oh and did I mention? In addition to 30 years as a professional painter, I am fully trained as a Certified Working Artist for Golden Artist Colors. And they make the best darn acrylic paint!! Full disclosure I don’t get any kick backs from Golden now that I’m a free agent. But I still love their paints and products.

Please note: I have enabled 7 or 8 of the course videos for free viewing to allow you to experience how the course is presented. This course also INCLUDES these 3 other courses I offer here on Udemy: New & Easy Color Mixing for Painters, How to GoldLeaf & Acrylic Painting Ideas Over Gold Leaf and Pouring Acrylic Painting Techniques

Who this course is for:

  • Any level will benefit! All techniques are fully explained for a wide audience and range of techniques. Are you a beginner to acrylic and serious about painting? This course will have you painting with ease and confidence in no time! Already painting in another medium – like oil or watercolor? Easily transfer to acrylic with this course. Even painters with years of acrylic experience will find new and exciting ideas, updated information, great tips to control results, and more expertise to resolve painting issues.

Course Details:

  • 11.5 hours on-demand video
  • 14 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

The Ultimate Acrylic Painting Course udemy courses free download

This course has it all! From Your First Brushstroke to Your Ultimate Masterpiece! One course - all aspects of acrylic.
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