Secret prescription foods and supplements for GUT HEALTH

One stop destination to heal your gut through NUTRITION

Secret prescription foods and supplements for GUT HEALTH
Secret prescription foods and supplements for GUT HEALTH

Secret prescription foods and supplements for GUT HEALTH udemy course free download:

What you'll learn:

  • Introduction to Human Gut
  • How gut health plays a major influence on your wellbeing
  • Diseases and conditions associated with gut health and how to tackle them
  • Functional Foods to improve symptoms of gut issues
  • 20 Supplements for healing leaky gut
  • 12 ranges of Probiotics and its application
  • Exercise and its positive effects on improving gut health
  • Eating techniques for a solid gut
  • Busting myths and fad surrounding gut health



  • Passion to learn


Gut Health | Clinical Management | Healthy eating | Supplements | Probiotics | Lifestyle

Gut is the origin of all diseases, rightly said by Hippocrates! Take care of your gut and the rest will take care of itself.

Hi! My name is Ryan Fernando and I am the chief nutritionist at QUA Nutrition- Signature Nutrition Clinic, My team and I bring to you a well researched, science backed functional foods, supplements from around the globe and probiotics that have tried and tested in our counselling of over a team of 60 dietitians and is proven to be effective in symptomatic relief, healing and lead to a better gut health.You can also learn the tricks of the trade and start incorporating them in your counselling to build a happy and satisfied clientele who keeps coming back for your secrets.


A dip into the insights you would gain from the course:

1) An easy understanding of the digestion process

2) Conditions linked to gut health and the signs and symptoms to look out for

3) Questions to ask your clients to gage the severity of gut issues

3) Gut health restoring foods and its different forms

4) Easy tricks to remember Low FODMAP foods for IBS

4) 20 Dietary Supplements to support gut health, dosage and recommendations to use in consultation with nutritionist

5) 12 Probiotics with a number of active composition micro-organisms and how it helps in gut health

6) Exercise and its influence on gut health

7) Mindful eating techniques to practice for improved digestion

8) Busting  myths and fads associated with gut health

9) You get ready downloadable notes , counselings tips and supplement information


Promise which I make:

This course will give you confidence and advisory guidance to handling your client's gut condition. Change your perspective in looking at a clients case and identify the areas to apply the knowledge gained from this course.


Course contributors:

1. Ms Gayatri Shanbhag

MSc Nutrition and Dietetics, Dietitian at Ryan's Research

Audio and Video

2. Mr Mradul Sharma

Marketing Executive at QUA Nutrition - Signature Nutrition Clinic

For queries related to course Whatsapp/call +91 7353231600

Who this course is for:

  • Nutritionist
  • Dietitian
  • Nutrition educators
  • Students
  • Medical practitioners
  • People with gut issues
  • General population

Course Details:

  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 7 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Secret prescription foods and supplements for GUT HEALTH udemy courses free download

One stop destination to heal your gut through NUTRITION
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