How to Advertise on YouTube with YouTube Ads in 2020

Gain 9 Years of Experience, and a Solid Roadmap for YouTube Advertising

How to Advertise on YouTube with YouTube Ads in 2020
How to Advertise on YouTube with YouTube Ads in 2020

How to Advertise on YouTube with YouTube Ads in 2020 udemy course free download

Gain 9 Years of Experience, and a Solid Roadmap for YouTube Advertising

What you'll learn:

  • How to setup your YouTube channel
  • How to setup Google Ads conversion tracking (many ways)
  • How to setup Google Tag Manager
  • How to setup Google Analytics
  • Key differences between video and display campaigns
  • Every campaign-level setting for video and display campaigns
  • How targeting for video campaigns works
  • How targeting works with multiple targeting methods
  • How to use display ad formats to target YouTube (not just video ads)
  • How to create every video and display ad format
  • How to use Google Web Designer to create display ads for YouTube
  • How to create a marketing launch plan (with downloadable PDFs)
  • How to create effective video ad stories
  • How to produce real video ads (with examples)
  • What equipment you need to produce high-quality videos
  • How to use Adobe Premiere Pro and Camtasia
  • Tons of examples of video ads that other people are running
  • Ways to create videos without having to be in front of the camera
  • Hands-on Google Ads Editor
  • See what happens when we launch real live campaigns
  • What video campaign metrics are important to pay attention to



  • Access to a camera to create videos with (phone, DSLR, etc.)
  • Video editing software is highly recommended
  • Google Ads account
  • YouTube channel
  • Your language is 1 of the 44 available languages in the Google Ads interface


You will learn YouTube video advertising in-depth. This course is very comprehensive and methodically planned out to provide you with a deep level of expertise across the vast topic that is YouTube Advertising in 2020.

What this course is NOT.

No spammy tactics are used. This is all 100% by-the-book best-practices following Google Ads policies.

What this course IS.

You will learn YouTube Ads in-depth. Most features are covered. You will see real live campaigns launched and see their results. You will gain optimization tips along the way. You'll get introduced to many of the tools I use. Every ad format is covered. The course is up-to-date.

Course Overview

We'll start out by making sure we have the right accounts. Then we'll setup our YouTube channel. Next, it's on to setting up tracking in many different ways to give you options. Then we learn about video and display campaign settings in-depth. After that, we demystify how YouTube targeting methods actually work. By this point, you will have a solid level of comprehension with the mechanics of video and display campaigns.

We then move onto exploring EVERY current video and display ad format. You might be wondering why display is included in this course. It's because you can target display ads of various different sizes on YouTube, so it helps to know a bit about display ads in-case you want to do that.

Then we get into the actual video production and creation. There's a wide spectrum for the type of equipment you need for producing videos. A lot of it has to do with your own personal preferences and what level of video quality you are trying to achieve. For some, this means just using a cell phone. For others, this means buying lights, a camera, investing in a quality mic, and everything else.

I try to give you a few tips for producing videos WITHOUT being in front of the camera. I also show you a few examples and ways to do it.

With our videos produced and our funnel strategy mapped out, we move onto the actual campaign creation and launch real campaigns. I did this over the course of 12 days or so. YouTube Ads takes time, effort and optimization to get right. If you have video production skills, you will be way ahead of the curve. If you don't, just remember that all skills can be learned. I did it!

In the end, we'll cover what what the video metrics mean, which metrics to focus on, and how to interpret them.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that wants to learn how to advertise on YouTube
  • Anyone studying for the Google Ads Video Certification Exam
  • YouTube channel creators that want to promote their YouTube videos
  • Digital marketers that want to create YouTube ads for their business
  • Digital agency specialists that manage paid ad spend on behalf of clients




Course Details:

  • 16.5 hours on-demand video
  • 12 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

How to Advertise on YouTube with YouTube Ads in 2020 udemy courses free download

Gain 9 Years of Experience, and a Solid Roadmap for YouTube Advertising
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