IT Certification

Learn To Create AI Assistant (JARVIS) With Python

How To Create AI Assistant (JARVIS) With Python Like the One from Marvel's Iron Man Movie

Network & Security

The Complete Android Ethical Hacking Practical Course C|AEHP

100% Hands-On Real World Practical Approach on Android Ethical Hacking. Learn to Prevent FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM hacking!

Other IT & Software

Dart - Beginners Course

No experience required

Network & Security

Linux Privilege Escalation for OSCP & Beyond!

Finding and exploiting Linux vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to gain a root shell.

Network & Security

Ethical Hacking for Mobile Phones, Facebook & Social Media!

Complete Guide to systems, phones and Facebook hacking with Kali Linux, using client exploitation techniques.

Other IT & Software

Complete ASP.NET MVC course in C#

Learn basics of MVC and how to build fast and secure web applications with ASP.NET MVC 5

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