Mobile Apps

how to create complete video player for android

A fully-fledged Video Player with swipe Gestures to control playback and supports any kind of video like MX Player

Web Development

HTML and CSS Fundamentals For Absolute Beginners

Learn HTML and CSS Basics to have the necessary knowledge that you must acquire before mastering Web Development.

Web Development

PHP for Beginners: PHP Crash Course 2021

Learn PHP for Beginners with this complete PHP crash course

Web Development

Stripe Masterclass With React.js & Node.js

Build a real world fully functional e-commerce site with React, Hooks, Context API, Node.js, Express.js and Firebase

Game Development

JavaScript Games for Web Pages Interactive Content

Create Interactive and Dynamic Web Page content with JavaScript DOM manipulation All JavaScript Document Object Model

Web Design

Make a Creative Portfolio Website Design in HTML 5 CSS...

Make Your First Portfolio Website Design get your JOB Interview Cracked

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