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Career Development

Data Structures and Algorithms MasterClass: Coding Interview

Ace your next Java coding interview by mastering in data Structures and algorithms. Deep dive using Java


How to Build a Computer from Scratch: The Complete Course

The Complete Computer Build Guide: Discover how to choose the correct parts, assemble them, and install windows.

Network & Security

Master in Wi-Fi ethical Hacking

WiFi Hacking and Pentesting

Other IT & Software

REST API Design, Management, Monitoring & Analytics

REST API principle & design. Hands-on API management tools with Kong API Gateway, Docker, Zipkin, Elasticsearch, Kibana

Digital Photography

Master Digital Photography for DSLR Photography Beginners

DSLR Photography course for beginners. Perfect for all photography levels: Beginner - Advanced | Photography Lighting

Web Development

The complete React developer course w/Hooks & Redux 2021

Learn the basics of React and learn how to build Big web applications using React Hooks,Routers and Redux

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